Flower quartet


The Flower Quartet is my first digi-stamp set and it also includes an added free bonus – the SVG files! I’m quite excited to get this product line officially started. It may be an evolving product and that’s what makes it fun. I hope that in time you would also be willing to contribute any

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All heart


Today’s plan was to post and introduce my first digital stamp product. What I didn’t foresee was that I’d change my mind about what that first image would be. With the events that occurred over the weekend (can’t we all just live in peace? please!) I felt the need to draw this heart image and then

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Freelance to full-time (part 2)


Now that you know the story I want to dive into the lessons learned. I’m a business owner by choice. I can decide when to quit and when to readjust. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship, isn’t it? But leaving a full-time entrepreneurial life was harder than I expected because it was such a big part

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