Gingerbread all the way

I’m not a baker — probably will never be one. So around here, a gingerbread house will only be made from scratch from paper. I wasn’t sure what project I was going to make next and suddenly I found myself working on this. I don’t even remember how the idea came about.

I decided to post this ugly photo below to show you what I did to get to the final version of this project.  I knew that the roof of this project was going to be the hardest part to figure out and boy was I right. Because I knew it was going to be an issue I decided to use some paper that was at the bottom of the stack of my new sheets. These are colors I wouldn’t use unless I was in dire straights or it was Halloween. I think I made about 6 rooftops until I was happy – whew!




Believe it or not I had to stop myself from adding more details. The little girl in me starting envisioning decorating the interior a la doll house – fireplace and everything! Maybe something to think about for a different project.

I wrote the instructions after building my version and I saved you all my mistakes. Believe me when I say I built my final version in the most backwards way ever. It was kind of ridiculous. Lol!

One idea I have of trying is adding some glitter along the edges of the rooftop. I even considered sprinkling the whole thing with powered sugar but how would that stay and not mess everything up? Maybe a mist of white ink or paint would work, but I’m not sure what to use for that. Have any of you ever done something like that?

Thank you so much for all your orders over the weekend! I’m so happy that so many of you will have this Gingerbread House Gift Box project to work on. It was a lot of fun to put together. I say that about a lot of projects don’t I? I guess… no, I know I’m lucky that I work on something I truly love.

Set some time away from the holiday hustle and bustle for some paper crafting you won’t regret it.

Have a great start to the week!





The gift of making

I’ve been thinking of what I’ve accomplished this year at A Little Hut and I realize that even though it was a slower pace than usual I’m pleased with the results. However, I’m not completely satisfied. I want to take things further and I’m taking some steps to get that going. I’m doing some research and I’m narrowing my scope.

The idea is to develop an online course. What I’m trying to figure out is what to cover. For me it’s all about sharing the gift of making (yes, I’m totally aware that that sounds kind of cheesy — but I don’t know how to describe it in any other way). That’s the goal. But what I really need to know is what paper crafters would enjoy. What would you want to learn from me? What would be your wish for a paper crafting course? I’d love to know your thoughts. Send me an email (info @ if you’d like to share privately. I’d love to hear from all of you!

Oh and before I forget the class will require having a cutting machine. I want it to be about how you can take your projects further with your amazing tool (I love mine!).

• • •

For now, there’s a new Christmas project that I posted this week — the Poinsettia Gift Set. It has everything you need to either give someone a framed paper cut holiday artwork, decorate with an ornament, wrap a small gift with two different sizes of boxes or simply send a holiday with with a beautiful card. All of it could be one gift itself!

The project started with the 3D flower and I thought of just selling it on its own but I felt it was missing other things to go along with it, so I kept going. The two-dimensional illustration came next and then it felt like the idea was complete. If I’m perfectly honest, I love, love the white-on-white flower. If I could I’d make everything white!

Have fun paper crafting!

Work with what you have

There’s something quite unique that happens when you’re on vacation. We’ve all experienced it and then we quickly forget it. While I was in Italy, I thought about how little I truly need to get through a day and how relaxed I felt. So many silly things that I had all wound up in my head just melted away.

When I’m on vacation everything is so much simpler. I don’t want to forget that feeling. I’m practicing ‘keeping it simple’ in small ways and A Little Hut is definitely in the mix. I’m staying offline as much as I can; I’m reading a couple of books (finally! I love, love reading and miss it dearly) — one book is for fun and one is business related; I’m being more purposeful with what I’m doing around the house and I’m being more present in general. It feels really great and I want to keep it up. I don’t want to feel burned out the way I was feeling a few months ago. I want to work on projects that fit into my schedule — work with the time I have and not overextend myself.

By doing this you’re also getting the best from me. It’s work that I really want you to do — that I think you’ll enjoy. The older I get the more I realize that my A Little Hut projects are my way of spreading ‘feel good moments’. Crafting is such a relaxing and calming activity — it’s therapeutic. It sets your mind at ease and you can’t help but be in the moment and enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise, the glue will end up everywhere but the paper that’s in front of you.

So, yes, I have a ton of ideas but I’m starting with just one file today — an autumn wreath.

The wreath got started as an illustration and my first submission for Inktober (artists from around the world create one ink drawing each day of October). After I finished the drawing the first thing I thought of was holding the cutout in my hands (my mind is never too far from paper). I thought it would be perfect for the shop and now — bonus! — I have something seasonal on my wall. Talk about killing several birds with one stone.

The set includes a coloring page and a digi stamp of the wreath as well. Have fun with it!

Yay for Autumn!


Adventures in the Garden and elsewhere

I’m back. Again. It’s been crazy! I don’t want to bore you with a long-winded post so I’ll try to be brief. Try!

I spent all summer illustrating my second coloring book called Adventures in the Garden. I’m not kidding — it really was all summer. So much so that Gustavo had to take up a lot of my mom duties and he did fabulously (thank you my Mr. Z!). The book will be released in March 2017 — perfect spring fun. For those of you that have my previous coloring book, Flower Nook, you’ve seen a hint of what this new one is about. Little girls floated in and out of some pages there. In Adventures in the Gardenthey are on every single page. The target audience may be girls 7-10 years old, but I think this can be enjoyed by girls 7-100 years old.

The illustrations are based on ideas that I had as a little girl, of what I thought it would be like to be tiny and walking around a garden. They were also based on ideas that my favorite muse gave me. My daughter Catalina really was a great inspiration. If I was stuck, all she had to do was give me a couple of cues and I was off again. I could tell she loved playing the role of art director when I was working on something she’d suggested. I couldn’t help but smile and had my silly clap-clap moments when I drew something better than I had imagined it. It’s a project that tested my discipline, limits, and confidence in my illustrations. It was worth every minute spent working on it. I hope it shows. I used every spare moment working on the 46 illustrations in order to turn in the manuscript on time. My deadline of August 30th was the day before I traveled to Italy!

Yes, I went to Italy for 17 amazing days! I’d always dreamed of going to Italy so this was really a dream come true. Enjoying it with my mother was the icing on the cake. It was a mother/daughter trip where she got to spend some quality time with her childhood friend — even better. I posted just a handful of the hundreds photos I took on my Instagram feed. The eye-candy was just incredible. Art history, food, sights and great people — that’s what I experienced in Italy. I loved Rome and Venice, but if I had my choice I’d live in Florence — definitely more my speed. I know, for sure, that I’d love to go back some day — even if it could be to just relive those few days on Monte Argentario and jump in the Tyrrhenian Sea again. Ahhh.

Getting back to reality has been harder than I thought. Never mind the jet lag. My brain is overloaded and scattered. I have ideas pouring out of me. A Little Hut wasn’t forgotten at all. I simply couldn’t muster the time and/or energy to be completely committed. I didn’t want to come back until I was ready. Now I am. So, look for more projects in the days to come. I can’t wait!

One last thing… I just found out that some designs that I submitted months ago will become part of a fabric collection for next summer. What a nice surprise to come home to!

Happy first week of Fall — Finally cooling off around here!