Sometimes it isn’t about paper

I don’t mention my Society6 shop a whole lot but I wanted to let you know that I’ve been editing my designs there. I use a mug with the yellow flowers almost on a daily basis and I take the black tote bag with me to work every day. We also have a clock hanging on one of my studio walls. I always make things that I’d want to use – so why not actually use some?

Originally, I ordered these products to check the quality of what I’d be placing my patterns on, but now I buy them as gifts for teachers and to use myself. I get such a kick out of seeing one of my tote bags on a teacher’s shoulder. Hee-hee!

My favorite thing about my Society6 products is that they give me the chance to work on my pattern work which I enjoy so much. Like I’ve said recently, I still love surface design. I probably like seeing my patterns on all the Society6 products because it’s the closest I can get to seeing a Patricia Zapata goods shop. Ha!

Speaking of patterns… Updating my Spoonflower page will be a goal for this summer. I have several collections for children’s projects that I just need to upload. Some floral and geometric designs are also ready to go.

Even after being at a full-time job for over 3 years now I’m still finding it hard to keep up with it all. Please bear with me, I will eventually get there!

Baby bear gift set


A sweet couple that we know is about to welcome their baby boy into the world in just a few weeks. We celebrated with a fun baby shower and this Baby Bear Gift Set is the design that I worked on to go along with her gift. So, if you ever wonder if I use anything I design – why yes, yes I do!

I wanted this set to be sweet and my first thought was a teddy bear. Both our kids were given teddy bears as babies and they loved them, jumped on them and hugged them to death.

I used the blue because I can’t help myself. I love this color that is between blue and turquoise — love! The version I gave my friend has orange instead of white as the accent color – some of you may have seen the post on Facebook or Instagram — and that worked out great too (red would look amazing with the blue as well).

I mention this in the description of the file but I may as well mention it here too. The artwork for both cards (square and A2) would look amazing in a white frame. Just a thought for nursery decor…

Now I need something for a little boy’s birthday so maybe I’ll work on that next.

Happy Tuesday (which really felt like a Monday)!

• • •

PS – FYI – I want to stick to posting my new projects on Mondays but the holiday and staying on track with the kids’ final exams threw this week’s schedule off track. I will be better next week. Thank you for your patience!

Flowers all around

Flowers all around wall art

I draw flowers almost on a daily basis. Flowers and leaves are my go-t0 doodles when I’m on the phone, or just needed some time to unwind. It just happens. So, it’s no surprise that when I was rather clueless about what to work on and my back gave out (so my planned crafty afternoon to word was forcibly cancelled) I ended up with flowers. I lay in bed sketching, in pain, and this is what I ended up with.

When I finished the illustration I immediately had the thought that it would be a great way to test out the prowess of my cutting machine and that it would be a challenge to figure out how the layering would work. Projects that include a challenge are especially enticing to me — it’s part of the fun.

For those of you, that order the project, you’ll notice that some of my layers are in some odd shapes. I did this on purpose. I don’t like wasting paper and creating layers that need too much paper that is hidden in the end. This way if you have some scrap paper lying around, this is your chance to use it.

As I was working on the project, I also posted the photo below, as an in-progress shot. I really liked the look of it and decided to include this set up in the files (Some of the pieces are different than in the full colored version above).

So, if you’d like to start your week with some flowers (not a bad thing to do, in my opinion!) Flowers All Around is the set for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Monday everyone!

PS – I finished working on this while the kids were studying for their finals this week. The selfish part of me enjoyed every minute of not feeling mom-guilt over having a lot of crafty time to myself! 🙂

Flowers all around wall art

Flowers all around wall art

Thank you!

My intention was to leave yesterday’s post alone. I wanted to say my piece and be done with it. But today I felt like I needed a part two. I owe it to those of you that took the time to read my (long!) story and to those of you that shared your experiences. Thank you!

Thank you, because I know that it isn’t easy to chime in publicly and say, “yes, me too” to something like this. Thank you, because you’ve helped convince me even more, about something that I just alluded to yesterday. We need to have more openness about how sometimes things simply don’t work out. We all know it happens, we just need to talk about it more.

Making mistakes is human. Sharing our tribulations and receiving sympathy and support in exchange, makes us better humans.

That’s it. Just a tiny part two. Onward, friends!

My best to all of you!

PS – Thank you, Abby, for including my previous post in your wonderful newsletter. And thank you, Arianne, for helping to spread the word as well. If you don’t follow these talented women, you should. Their blogs and newsletters are inspiring and so informative. They’re both very much involved in the world of entrepreneurship and share so much of what they’ve learned along the way.