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See the light ornaments – Five


See the light ornaments – Five


This is the fifth ornament in a year-long project called See the Light Ornaments. This ornament started as a cube inside a cube idea. One thing led to another and I ended up with something different than what I expected. This is more intricate and more interesting than what I had originally planned — so, all good!

See the Light Ornaments is the start of a 2017 year-long project that I invite you to join for free. To read about the project and how it got started, read the related post on the blog.

Share your creations by using the hashtag #seethelight. I’d love to see what everyone is making. Enjoy!

Included in this product:
– SVG file for the ornament
– PDF instructions to assemble the ornament

Note: Do not be alarmed that there is only one shape in this file. You’ll simply have to cut it out 6 times — same shape, same size. This ornament is much simpler to put together than you imagine.


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