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See the light ornaments – Four


See the light ornaments – Four


This is the fourth ornament in a year-long project called See the Light Ornaments. I consider this ornament like a next step or progression from ornament #3. They are assembled very similarly but this one has more flowers. The shapes of the flowers also give the ornament a softer feel to it. I think the collection will look more cohesive and still interesting if some of the ornaments are completely different from one another and some to have similarities.

See the Light Ornaments is the start of a 2017 year long project that I invite you to join for free. To read about the project and how it got started, read the related post on the blog.

Share your creations by using the hashtag #seethelight. I’d love to see what everyone is making. Enjoy!

Included in this product:
– SVG file for the ornament
– PDF instructions to assemble the ornament


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