See the Light Ornaments

The collection is now complete and ready for you to order! It obviously didn’t go as planned (making one per month — sorry about that), but I couldn’t end the year without fulfilling this promise. It honestly was weighing on my mind. I felt guilty every time I posted one of my ‘for sale’ projects before a new ornament — I know, silly.

As you’ll see, the See the Light Ornaments set includes a couple of designs that don’t follow the pattern that I established from the start. The gingerbread man and Santa were ideas that I started to fiddle with a few weeks ago. I left the files unfinished on my computer for a few days while I thought about them. I wasn’t sure if it was more important to make the set all matchy-matchy or it didn’t matter at all (I can get so bogged down in details sometimes!). In the end, I decided that it would be fun to include designs that could be made with kids. I imagine them adding a lot of glitter — for some really messy crafting time – ha!

My top nine picks are in the photo above. But my absolute favorite is the last one — the manger. It just came so easily to me. It’s simple but says so much too.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy making them and remember they don’t have to be just ornaments. They can also be used as gift toppers or parts of a mobile (I can see it already – so fun!) — and I obviously prefer white but who says all the other color options shouldn’t come in to play? They’re all yours to make them your own. Enjoy!

The end of the week – at peace

I thought I was going to go down the typical holiday theme path. I actually do have a gingerbread man and a Santa design almost done and yet here we are. The Peace and Light Gift Set is the latest addition to the shop. I continued the idea of using candle covers — I love making them and candlelight is just so soothing, isn’t it?

Only use LED lights, please!

Gift cards seem impersonal but they come in very handy when you’re not sure what to give someone. So, I’m including two ways to deliver them in a special way. The gift box itself does not need to have the holder so you can use it for a man’s tie or jewelry, etc.

If you’ve been around long enough you know I really do prefer white-on-white above all else. However, I got curious and wanted to see what this design would look like in a darker version. I used dark gray, and no surprise, the feeling of the project completely changes. I like it but I still prefer white. Again… I want these made out of something other than paper! Really. Want.

I hope that you’re season does start with a lot of peace and light. We all need it, don’t we?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Brilliance and light

Candlelight is always so soothing — drawing is too. The flower that is in this set is one of the doodles that I go to frequently. Like so many projects before this one, a small drawing got it all started. It wasn’t going to be anything other than a sketch but then the candle cover came to mind and I was off!

For those of you that follow my Instagram account you may have caught some of the in-progress videos and photos I posted to my stories feed. I enjoy sharing informally like that because I don’t get so hung up on making a perfect video or taking the best photo. I enjoy other artists’ behind the scenes so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy some of this too. I’ll try to keep it up with other projects.

Brilliance – 5″ square card

Let me tell you, taking photos of projects made with white paper is a hard thing to do! I wish my whole shop could be white but I don’t do it because a) everything would look too monochromatic and b) it’s just hard! Not only that but (confession time!), it’s hard for me to focus on taking photos when a project is coming to an end. My mind is already wanting to start something new. I read somewhere that a creative mind is like having 100 browser windows open all the time. It’s so true.

The photo below is my favorite. I love the contrast and the way the paper doesn’t even look like paper. My biggest wish would be to make these covers out of something durable like wood. If I had a laser cutting machine I’d be making them now. I think my best option would be to find a manufacturer or a licensing partner. We shall see…

In the meantime, if you’d like to enjoy these (the shadows cast on the walls are beautiful!) now you can order them at the shop here.

Fancy photo shoot on our kitchen island – haha!

Creating a fairytale

This week’s Fairytales Wall Art project started with a sketch that I was going to develop into something for Inktober (a daily ink drawing post activity that occurs every October on Instagram). I redrew the sketch in ink but it didn’t feel quite right. I could, however, see it in my mind as an interesting digital illustration. I tried it out and it worked out.

The following couple of nights I decided to keep going with the fairytale theme – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Hansel & Gretel all followed. The flow of ideas was so relaxing. When this happens I just go with it. It was perfect therapy for the busy days I had at work too – win, win!

I try making projects that are versatile enough to be used in other forms but the truth is that these Fairytales really are made to be framed — like posters (how about for a modern nursery?). I didn’t try cutting them small enough for cards. I’m not sure it will work with some of the details and thin lines. The look and feel of the illustrations can be changed with the paper used and the background you choose. What about fabric — linen? Oh, yes.

After cutting Snow White for myself (it’s hanging in one of our little corners where I rotate out some of my pieces) I just had to make it available for everyone. So many of my projects go this way. I just make something for fun and then voilá, I know it could be something others may enjoy.

Some of you may notice that the original Snow White (framed above) is different than the final file in the set. I decided that in order for the four images to look cohesive I needed to make some changes and simplifying the image did the trick.

So, here we are — Monday again. On to the next project — which I can tell you will involve something like a gingerbread man. My daughter keeps asking me to make one and I aim to please. I’m grateful that she managed to get me out of my holiday idea rut. I’ve been wanting to make something fun for Christmas and I just couldn’t come up with anything (if you have any, please share in the comments – really!). Now to think about what the gingerbread man or woman will look like. We shall see!

A couple of last things:

  • Speaking of Christmas. I have a sale going on this week (it will be over on October 22). Use the coupon code: holiday17 and get a 25% of all Christmas projects.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the See the Light Ornaments, more are coming. (Why can’t days be longer than 24hrs?)
  • I finally got a chance to give my site a little revamp. I’m not quite done yet but it was in a matter of speaking ‘dusty’ and now it doesn’t feel like that. My photo needs to be updated — now that’s a serious fairytale. I have tons of gray hair that I need to be honest about. Haha!

Have a great week everyone!