All heart

Today’s plan was to post and introduce my first digital stamp product. What I didn’t foresee was that I’d change my mind about what that first image would be. With the events that occurred over the weekend (can’t we all just live in peace? please!) I felt the need to draw this heart image and then it clicked. As my first digital stamp All Heart will always be free.

The digital file is accompanied by a coloring page and by an SVG file. Please note that the SVG file should not be used any smaller than how it’s saved (8″ wide). The details are many and some are really small. At a width the cutting machines may have trouble.

And now some happy news…
You will be seeing my digital files come more frequently in the weeks to come. My SVG projects take up more of my time (design, testing, assembly and photography) and time is something I have less of nowadays – but for a great reason. I’m working on my second coloring book and it will be coming to a bookstore near you soon. Yay! I’m so excited about this and I can’t wait to share more details when the time comes. As you can imagine, all I do is draw, draw, draw. My deadlines are during the summer months so I’ll be back to my normal SVG project speed after that.

I hope you enjoy the file and help spread the love!

Flowers to start a mission

Floral lattice collection

I’ve been thinking a lot of how I want A Little Hut to evolve and grow. Part of that includes what my mission is – sharing my creativity with you and for you to share yours with others. As I said years ago, on the old blog, I still believe that creativity fills the heart — it truly does! So, why don’t we spread it even further?

From now part of A Little Hut proceeds will be donated to Donors Choose, an organization that provides public school teachers with materials for their classes, needs that they can’t meet otherwise. Initially, I will be donating to art and music projects.

Taking this step makes me so happy! What I do and your support of my work will allow teachers to continue to spread the joy of making art. Yay! I hope that you can join me in this cause. I’ll report once a quarter on what we’ve accomplished together. I can’t wait to get started!

We can start with the Floral Lattice Collection. It’s based off a sketch that I drew when it was the end of the day and I just needed to draw something to relax. It’s so interesting how some of my favorite work happens when I’m not overthinking it.

I like the idea of making these gift sets so that you can share what you make with your favorite people. We shouldn’t keep it all to ourselves, right? Which makes this more of a fitting project to start with A Little Hut’s latest mission. Don’t you think?

Happy Monday everyone!

• • •

And one more thing…
As a small thank you for all your support I’m starting off the summer with a sale!
– Coupon: alhthankyou
– 30% your entire purchase
– Valid until June 12th

Floral lattice collection

Sometimes it isn’t about paper

I don’t mention my Society6 shop a whole lot but I wanted to let you know that I’ve been editing my designs there. I use a mug with the yellow flowers almost on a daily basis and I take the black tote bag with me to work every day. We also have a clock hanging on one of my studio walls. I always make things that I’d want to use – so why not actually use some?

Originally, I ordered these products to check the quality of what I’d be placing my patterns on, but now I buy them as gifts for teachers and to use myself. I get such a kick out of seeing one of my tote bags on a teacher’s shoulder. Hee-hee!

My favorite thing about my Society6 products is that they give me the chance to work on my pattern work which I enjoy so much. Like I’ve said recently, I still love surface design. I probably like seeing my patterns on all the Society6 products because it’s the closest I can get to seeing a Patricia Zapata goods shop. Ha!

Speaking of patterns… Updating my Spoonflower page will be a goal for this summer. I have several collections for children’s projects that I just need to upload. Some floral and geometric designs are also ready to go.

Even after being at a full-time job for over 3 years now I’m still finding it hard to keep up with it all. Please bear with me, I will eventually get there!

Tree silhouette collection

Tree silhouette collection

I’m excited about this new Tree Silhouette Collection! I always say that about everything, don’t I? Ha! My latest project is always my favorite. This one is special because I love trees — really love trees. Aside from flowers and little girls, it was the one thing I drew the most as a kid — and they’re definitely back in my repertoire. I’ve also lived in areas that are full of them. I think my favorite childhood memory of trees was when they changed to drastically different colors when seasons changed. This was all up north. Here in the south, where I’ve lived for many years, everything is either green or brown.

The fact that this is a stylized, simple version of a tree makes it even better (you know me and “simple is better”). Just change the color of the leaves background (in the layered artwork) and you can see how the tree can match the color of any season or occasion.

This collection has card two card options, wall art, frameable art, gift box, a hang tag and a slide. So, it’s a complete set ready for gift giving or decorating options. If you love white on white as much as I do, then this is a great set for you. If you’d like something brighter adding bright colored backgrounds would work perfectly.

I hope you enjoy playing with this set and post your results on my facebook page. I enjoy seeing your posts, because ultimately my favorite thing is to know that you’re enjoying my work.

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

Tree silhouette collection

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