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Farewell 2018

This is my 11th end-of-year mosaic (the first one was in 2007 – I can’t believe it). There’s a little bit of everything as usual. I really like it and I’m happy with what I accomplished.

2018 was a year of unexpected events at work, home and here on A Little Hut. Such is life, right? In the end, I don’t have a lot of work to show but I’m ok with that. It’s the way things turned out and I’m not one that dwells. Of course, I would’ve loved to have accomplished more but there are only so many days in a year and I don’t have a clone.

If I had to pick one thing that I haven’t gotten around to working on — it’s videos. I really want to work on them, because they’re such a great way to explain much more about my projects — how to make them and how they came about. Creativity was given to me as a gift and it really is something I can’t keep to myself. It’s meant to go beyond me. It’s all about making and sharing. So, yes, videos are definitely my next step.

Something I saw evolving this year was my illustrative projects. I want to continue exploring the possibilities there and use them for print and cut projects. I haven’t worked on any yet but I’m curious to see where that takes me.

The new year is already looking challenging and fun!

As always, thank you so much to everyone that comes to my site, and supports my work. You really don’t have an idea of how much I appreciate it. I say the same thing every year but I really mean every word.

May 2019 bring you all happiness, health and all that you wish to accomplish!

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