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Thank you!

My intention was to leave yesterday’s post alone. I wanted to say my piece and be done with it. But today I felt like I needed a part two. I owe it to those of you that took the time to read my (long!) story and to those of you that shared your experiences. Thank you!

Thank you, because I know that it isn’t easy to chime in publicly and say, “yes, me too” to something like this. Thank you, because you’ve helped convince me even more, about something that I just alluded to yesterday. We need to have more openness about how sometimes things simply don’t work out. We all know it happens, we just need to talk about it more.

Making mistakes is human. Sharing our tribulations and receiving sympathy and support in exchange, makes us better humans.

That’s it. Just a tiny part two. Onward, friends!

My best to all of you!

PS – Thank you, Abby, for including my previous post in your wonderful newsletter. And thank you, Arianne, for helping to spread the word as well. If you don’t follow these talented women, you should. Their blogs and newsletters¬†are inspiring and so informative. They’re both very much involved in the world of entrepreneurship and share so much of what they’ve learned along the way.

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