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Garden & hearts

The more I explore and stretch with my ink illustrations the more I see it overlapping with my paper projects. My new Garden Heart Gift Set is another example of that.

At first, I wanted to create a heart shaped box because I was thinking of Valentine’s Day gifts. But what about the versatility of a heart box and what about other celebrations like a wedding? Picture a white box with gold or silver accents. I think that would work well to give a couple on their special day.

This set includes two boxes (one taller, one shorter) and two different cover options so that you can pick whatever works best for you. There are also dividers for both boxes that will create 16 spaces for your favorite sweets. If you don’t use the dividers the box is perfect for an assortment of gifts.

I had to keep my husband and the kids under a severe threat of getting in trouble with me if they touched the chocolates before I had a chance to take photos. They have THE biggest sweet tooth (ok.. we!). Chocolate doesn’t have a chance around here!

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