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I didn’t post my annual 5×5 yearly mosaic before 2019 came to a close but I had good reasons: A) Two sick people to tend to and B) I was on my Christmas break from work and the last thing I wanted to do was get on a computer. However, I didn’t want to break the streak (12th year!) even if it’s a little late. We wanted to completely relax and we did. It was a perfect “staycation”. I hope you enjoyed the holidays too!

As you can see, and I’m sure you noticed throughout the year, my projects weren’t as many as I normally post. It was a busy work year. My full-time job drained me of so much energy every day that I just didn’t have enough for the shop – and I’ve promised myself never to post anything I’m not proud of. I love what I do at work and here but 24hrs can only get me so far.

The lack of time for new projects has had me thinking for weeks regarding the future of A Little Hut. This isn’t new. I’ve been through this several times before and as it stands I feel like I still have more to say and more projects to make. I’m not ready to stop. I have more ideas up my sleeves. My favorite 2019 project is the Floral Alphabet. I’ve been wanting to create those nature-inspired letterforms for almost 3 years and it seems like you enjoyed them too because it was my best selling set for the year. I have other ideas to include in my Signature Collection and they will be a big part of the months ahead.

Thank you for another great year, for all your orders and support and most especially for all the lovely messages that I received throughout the year. I especially love hearing where and who will enjoy your crafty work. The knowledge that you’re sharing your projects or having a fun time making something for yourself is what this is all about. Above all, this is what keeps me going.

It’s so fun to start a fresh year. My hope for all of us is that 2020 is a creative and joyful adventure. Happy New Year! — ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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