Creating a fairytale

This week’s Fairytales Wall Art project started with a sketch that I was going to develop into something for Inktober (a daily ink drawing post activity that occurs every October on Instagram). I redrew the sketch in ink but it didn’t feel quite right. I could, however, see it in my mind as an interesting digital illustration. I tried it out and it worked out.

The following couple of nights I decided to keep going with the fairytale theme – Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Hansel & Gretel all followed. The flow of ideas was so relaxing. When this happens I just go with it. It was perfect therapy for the busy days I had at work too – win, win!

I try making projects that are versatile enough to be used in other forms but the truth is that these Fairytales really are made to be framed — like posters (how about for a modern nursery?). I didn’t try cutting them small enough for cards. I’m not sure it will work with some of the details and thin lines. The look and feel of the illustrations can be changed with the paper used and the background you choose. What about fabric — linen? Oh, yes.

After cutting Snow White for myself (it’s hanging in one of our little corners where I rotate out some of my pieces) I just had to make it available for everyone. So many of my projects go this way. I just make something for fun and then voilá, I know it could be something others may enjoy.

Some of you may notice that the original Snow White (framed above) is different than the final file in the set. I decided that in order for the four images to look cohesive I needed to make some changes and simplifying the image did the trick.

So, here we are — Monday again. On to the next project — which I can tell you will involve something like a gingerbread man. My daughter keeps asking me to make one and I aim to please. I’m grateful that she managed to get me out of my holiday idea rut. I’ve been wanting to make something fun for Christmas and I just couldn’t come up with anything (if you have any, please share in the comments – really!). Now to think about what the gingerbread man or woman will look like. We shall see!

A couple of last things:

  • Speaking of Christmas. I have a sale going on this week (it will be over on October 22). Use the coupon code: holiday17 and get a 25% of all Christmas projects.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the See the Light Ornaments, more are coming. (Why can’t days be longer than 24hrs?)
  • I finally got a chance to give my site a little revamp. I’m not quite done yet but it was in a matter of speaking ‘dusty’ and now it doesn’t feel like that. My photo needs to be updated — now that’s a serious fairytale. I have tons of gray hair that I need to be honest about. Haha!

Have a great week everyone!

Flowers and love always go well together

Creativity is one of those things that can come easily on some days, be elusive on others and rise as a friendly hand when you least expect it. My two newest projects fall into the last category for completely different reasons.

The Floral Symmetry Wall Art set is based on an illustration that I made on a Friday evening. It was one of those moments where I draw without thinking. I used my iPad pro, it was in black and white and I posted it on Instagram and that was it. I didn’t think much about it after that.

As I was starting to brainstorm ideas for a new project I decided that I wanted it to be multi-layered and this illustration just popped into mind. The illustration is intricate enough to make it an interesting cut out and it offers several opportunities to play with color. Play with keeping monochromatic (as in the green version below), or a bit more subdued as with the blue and yellow flowers. If you want to go all the way with color the red flowers offer a great option. You decide — that’s the fun part! Keep in mind another big option — the main project photo uses white for the illustration (top layer). Big difference, right?

Just some of the color options for this project. Play!

The second project, Love with a Rose, is simply my way to deal with or react to the news that we’re dealing with here in the USA. I simply don’t comprehend that these things could be happening in our time.

I started out with the idea that above all we should just, as cheesy as it sounds, love not hate. It really is as simple as that. Shouldn’t it be?

My initial sketches included the word hate — faded out, upside down, etc. Then I just decided to eliminate it altogether. I had a generic flower in my original sketch. Then I thought, why not use our national flower?

In 1986, the rose was declared the national floral emblem. This is part of the proclamation that Ronald Reagan signed:

“The American people have long held a special place in their hearts for roses. Let us continue to cherish them, to honor the love and devotion they represent, and to bestow them on all we love just as God has bestowed them on us.”

This is the type of sentiment that I was looking for, to go along with my image. I added the 13 stripes and then… done!

As soon as I finished I wanted a t-shirt. So, I’ve ordered one like the one above and I can’t wait to wear it. If you’d like one too they’re in my Society6 shop along with other items that have this same illustration. If you’d like to simply send a simple message to someone or frame this as a little reminder that we’ll be ok, Love with a Rose is now available in the shop.

Have a wonderful and creative week!

Blooming again

I can’t believe that my first post of 2017 is at the start of the second month of the year. It wasn’t planned, that’s for sure. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me mention a creative rut I’ve been going through and that is the real reason behind my silence. When I’m creatively zapped I don’t like posting, it just doesn’t seem sincere and it certainly won’t bring you anything new.

First of all, I want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about February’s freebie ornament for the See The Light Collection. When I was getting ready to cut the project out my machine decided that it wouldn’t cut through the paper at all. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked so far. The files are ready but I hate to give you something that I haven’t tested and put together. There are many times when my math isn’t up to par – lol! I will postpone this month’s freebie and give you two projects next month. So, the project will be up-to-date in March. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Like I said, the creative rut I was in really prevented me from posting anything in the shop. I just couldn’t come up with anything that was worth sharing. My bar is set at “would I enjoy using and/or making this?” and nothing I had was meeting that standard. I finally decided to just sketch for fun and that’s how it all came pouring out. Finally!

So… the Geranium Influence and Blooming High wall art sets are now available in the shop. I’m so happy with these because they are versatile, compatible (if you’d like to mix and match) and I love that they still have a hand drawn quality to them. They are both flowers that I draw a lot, so they’re like old friends. The name for the Geranium Influence set came to me when I realized that I probably draw these flowers because of my grandmother’s love of geranium flowers. She always had them and she tended to them on a daily basis. She even talked to them!

I’m glad I’m finally back and finally into something of an artsy rhythm. It doesn’t feel right when I’m off. I hope you have a great weekend and as always if you have any questions about the projects just let me know. I’m always here to help!


Flowers all around

Flowers all around wall art

I draw flowers almost on a daily basis. Flowers and leaves are my go-t0 doodles when I’m on the phone, or just needed some time to unwind. It just happens. So, it’s no surprise that when I was rather clueless about what to work on and my back gave out (so my planned crafty afternoon to word was forcibly cancelled) I ended up with flowers. I lay in bed sketching, in pain, and this is what I ended up with.

When I finished the illustration I immediately had the thought that it would be a great way to test out the prowess of my cutting machine and that it would be a challenge to figure out how the layering would work. Projects that include a challenge are especially enticing to me — it’s part of the fun.

For those of you, that order the project, you’ll notice that some of my layers are in some odd shapes. I did this on purpose. I don’t like wasting paper and creating layers that need too much paper that is hidden in the end. This way if you have some scrap paper lying around, this is your chance to use it.

As I was working on the project, I also posted the photo below, as an in-progress shot. I really liked the look of it and decided to include this set up in the files (Some of the pieces are different than in the full colored version above).

So, if you’d like to start your week with some flowers (not a bad thing to do, in my opinion!) Flowers All Around is the set for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Monday everyone!

PS – I finished working on this while the kids were studying for their finals this week. The selfish part of me enjoyed every minute of not feeling mom-guilt over having a lot of crafty time to myself! 🙂

Flowers all around wall art

Flowers all around wall art